See Your Own true Aura Colours

Your AURA ENERGY COLOURS as I See them for YOU, Your PARTNER & Your FUTURE together

We are all surrounded by our own energy field, or our own individual AURA.

My Spirit Guides allow me to see the true colours of your Aura and understand their true meaning for you.

The Aura reveals our true selves, our past and present feelings. The Aura is full of colour, very beautiful and sensitive to our every thought and emotion.             


Why not have an Auragraph of you and your Loved One?

When you receive your Romantic Auragraph, if you so wish, you could put your own portrait photos inside it. You could frame it and keep it forever, with all the meaning that it holds especially for you and your partner.

Again, each colour of the auragraph will be shown with its meaning explained for you and your Loved one, or chosen person.

Remember that the same colour can have an entirely different meaning for each person. 

The cost of your ROMANTIC AURAGRAPH is just £35.00 To order, please see below.

To order simply complete the form below with your first name and that of your chosen friend or loved one. You will then receive, normally within 3 days, your own COLOUR AURAGRAPH and AURA Reading. This will be by E-MAIL as a JPEG file attachment so that you can print as many copies as you wish using your own computer and printer.
Romantic Colour Auragraph Reading @ £30.00   

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Refunds may be given where considered appropriate at the discretion of Marie Rose.

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