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" Our minds are us. Everything we do or feel is because our mind has ordered or experienced it. Most of us just accept and take for granted our existence lived out in our day to day lives. We forget to respect the need our minds have for peace. Our mind holds all the answers it needs to guide us through our troubles. If we allow our minds time to feel peace and to touch our inner selves, the right decision and path to take will become clear to us."

" Meditation is something that we can all do. Its main purpose is to calm the mind and rid it of all stress and emotional imbalance. When we are calm, our heartbeat slows down. Our breathing slows down. Those of us who lead stressful lives may never feel truly relaxed. Learning how to meditate is a kind but powerful tool to finding inner peace. It is the first step that will allow us to start on the road of increased spiritual awareness."                                                      

"Animals have emotions just as we do. Maybe they are experienced in a different way, maybe not - but they definitely feel from the heart. Because animals are unable to speak to us and appear basic or primitive in their ways, we tend to dismiss them as just animals, wild or domesticated. We love them, but do we really understand that they too are beings, like ourselves, with real feelings and emotions and not just instincts? Lots of work is being done with gorillas, chimpanzees and dolphins that has already proven that they can think and not just react; that they have memories and want to communicate with us. Apes have learned sign language, involving hundreds of  "words", even making up their own by using a combination of signs. Other animals, such as our own dogs and cats, may not have hands and fingers to help them communicate with us, but they certainly do experience emotions.

I personally experienced a wonderful revelation, proving just this beyond any doubt. It involved myself, a lion and a lioness!

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Monday 28th August 2000 - The following words came to me:

"There is an Energy Burst

In the Hearts and Minds of Men

All over our Planet

At the beginning of the Month

As the excitement of a New Month begins"

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