Marie Rose-Clairvoyant,Aura Colour Seer & Reader,Psychic,

Marie Rose-Clairvoyant,Aura Color Seer and Reader,Psychic,

Spiritualist,Healer,Medium,Author,Relationships Specialist

"My Life is full of Colour and Vibrance

I feel One with God and Spirit

I am an Energy Creation of our Universe I feel creative and intuitive every day"

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Allow the deep Love of your Spirit Guides to open up your world.

My book will help you to change your Life and grow closer to your Spirit Guides

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Contacting your Spirit Guides is a beautiful and profound experience that my book "Gifts from Spirit" will help you discover. Your Spirit Guides can see and hear everything you say and think. But we have so very much to learn and understand. Spirit Guides are often ancient people who have lived many lives. They have been in Spirit a long time and are extremely knowledgeable in all things, especially energy and spiritual matters including protecting, teaching and guiding you to a better, enriched and fulfilling life.

    Today we live in a world of convenience and infomation overload. We tend to assume that academic qualifications are synonymous with knowledge and expertise. This is not the case with spiritual matters. Your Spirit Guides are your tutors for life. That is why they are there to guide us. If you start out with a sense of humility on these matters and see your Spirit Guides as your mentors, you will not be ignored by them. They are here to teach us, not be used by us. A respect and understanding for their abilities and profound knowledge must be understood before you begin to contact them.You should also have read and practiced some meditations and worked with the Aura because a general understanding about energy and telepathy will help you. It is essential that you regularly sit and meditate to meet your loving Spirit Guides so that you can build up a close relationship with them.

     You need to work hard this way to heighten your awareness of their Aura. Your Aura is very unlikely to be sensitive enough to start with for clear communication and a good working relationship. Practice is essential. You can begin to do so as follows:

Contacting Your Spirit Guides Meditation

Sit quietly in a comfortable chair.

Close your eyes.

Relax and breathe deeply three times.

Stay like this for a while until you feel completely relaxed.

Your Spirit Guides and Angels know this is hard for you so they will approach you slowly.

Feel the air start to change as they draw near to you.

They dearly want to be close to you. They know their pure energy can only help you physically and mentally.

As they draw near whisper 'hello' and know you are so blessed by their presence.

Can you visualise them? Try to sense who your Spirit Guides are. Are they male or female? Young or old? Don't jump to conclusions. Be sure. You have plenty of time to get to know them. Enjoy your time together.

Thank them for coming to see you.

Feel the air change as they draw back.

Breathe in their love and send love out to them.

Move your hands and feet and return your consciousness to the room.

Open your eyes.


You have just met the best friends you will ever have in your life

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