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From One Who Cares

           "God Bless You"

God Bless each and every one of you

Entering this place

May you and peace of mind

Meet together face to face

Away from worldly stress  

If but for a minute

May you leave your cares behind

As you enter in it

Feeling only Stillness

Wrapped about your Soul

  Something almost magic  

Making you feel whole

Where else can you find it?

Perhaps on a mountain top

That Spiritual uplifting

That makes you look and stop


A little more Kindness  

A little less Creed

A little more Given

 A little less Greed  

     A little more Smile      

  A little less Frown    

A little less kicking someone who is Down 

    A little more We    

A little less I

A little more Laugh

  A little less Cry  

A little more flowers on the pathway of Life

And a little less on the grave when we finish our Strife.



Pave a path of sunshine

Everywhere you go

Sometimes this is hard

But not impossible, you know

Search for dreams of promise

To help you on your way

 Treasure all those moments

That part the clouds of grey

      Hearts that keep believing      

Even when in pain  

Are the hearts that find sunshine

Even in the rain



What does it mean to grow older?

It means to grow wiser each day

To appreciate more fully the joy

Life sends our way

It means finding pleasure in little

A word, a smile,a thought - -

To plan, to dream, but not to forget

The joys the past has brought

It means the value of having friends

And Loved Ones always near

To learn from each experience

And to cherish every year

These beautiful thoughts are on display in the Ancient Church of St Celynin, Llangelynin, Wales.

I hope they touch your soul as they did mine.

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