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When a loved one dies their spirit continues on. We, right now, are a spirit inside a physical body. This is our mind energy. Energy does not disappear, it continues and that is why we too go on.

We cannot demand that those who have passed must answer us. They need to learn to focus a considerable amount of their energy to make contact. Our loved one could need time to adjust after the shock of passing. They may wish to lead their new life in spirit, meeting with other family members and acquaintances in the spirit world. They may find it emotionally too painful to make contact with us for some time. They may feel that they should not intrude into our physical world, so that we can heal and get on with our lives here.

This is why when we go to a Medium, we must keep this in mind. The person who comes through the Medium to make contact may not at first be the one who you most wish. This does not mean that your special loved one does not love you or will never make contact. They may simply need more time.Very often though, they will be able to give a message and to show their care and love. Reassurance received in this way and the confirmation that they are well and watching over us, is a truly wonderful, comforting, rewarding and uniquely uplifting experience that will never be forgotten.

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