GIFTS FROM SPIRIT: An Enchanted Trail Of Discovery by Marie Rose

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'Gifts From Spirit' explains beautifully how your family in spirit, your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, use energy and love to guide you to a better and more fulfilling life, how they help you reach your inner potential, improve your relationships and Heal your mind and body. Miracle 'Psychokinetic' Spirit Images received by Marie prove that Spirit can intelligently direct energy to heal the physical body for you and communicate messages of love. 'Gifts From Spirit' is a rich and unique source of spiritual and healing knowledge given to Marie through spiritual experiences with Animals, Psychokinetic energy images, Dreams, Prophetic Visions, Healing energies and much more. These wonderful 'Gifts from Spirit' were received direct from her Spirit Guides, her Angels, to awaken and enhance your spiritual growth and contact with your own Spirit Guides.

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