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With her Guides in Spirit Sees the Colour & Meanings for YOU & your PARTNER and your FUTURE TOGETHER

Personal & Confidential    Open your heart to Spirit - use the power of the internet to allow me to work with Spirit for you and your future. 

Whatever your problem or need, you may ask me and with the help and guidance from Spirit I will bring back the answer to you as soon as possible. The E-Mail is a wonderful new means to communicate and does not need to be cold. Sometimes we need an answer and a caring response to help us through our lives, but find it hard to speak live to a stranger about these personal matters. So, let us use this new technology for our emotional and spiritual needs!

Send to me personally your question from  your heart and I will answer you from mine.

To send me your personal question(s) and receive your chosen Clairvoyant Aura E-Mail Reading, simply press the "Buy Now" button below. After you have authorised your order via PayPal, please complete your personal CLAIRVOYANT AURA E-MAIL Reading form that is generated, , making sure that you include your full name and that of the other person or partner important to you, together with your important personal question(s). Be assured that these details will be kept confidential. No-one but myself will receive or see them.

The Clairvoyant Aura E-Mail Reading, involving complex questions dealing with General or Relationship issues, is available for £25.00

Just click on the "Buy Now" button below.

Refunds may be offered at discretion of and if considered appropriate by Marie Rose.

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