Marie Rose-Clairvoyant,Aura Colour Seer & Reader,Psychic,
Spiritualist,Healer,Medium,Author,Relationships Specialist

Marie Rose-Clairvoyant,Aura Color Seer and Reader,Psychic,
Spiritualist,Healer,Medium,Author,Relationships Specialist

    We are Radiant beings of Light & Colour

We are Energy here and now!

      Hello, I am Marie Rose, a Pure Clairvoyant. This means that I have no need of Tarot Cards or any other AID, because I have second sight, the ability to see into the future and your life now, including anyone connected to you.

      My SPIRIT GUIDES are my AID. They give me all the infomation for you and your loved one for the present and for your future.

       I have had so many SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES that I have now written a book! "GIFTS FROM SPIRIT"-GUIDES. My Heart is so full of LOVE AND RESPECT for my Spirit Guides who have taught and shown me so much over many years. They are the ones who will help you in YOUR LIFE through the reading you have with me.

       I have a UNIQUE GIFT given to me. I see the lovely colour energies of your AURA and the energy of your Loved One's AURA , revealing to me your lives now and how life will go in the FUTURE.

My readings are Spiritual, Clairvoyant, mediumistic and Auric.



Kathy from Crewe -   " Very accurate indeed. What you told me was spot on. The way you are able to see and understand the colours of my Aura to explain my situation was fascinating and enlightening. I found the reading a very helpful and rewarding experience."

Liz from London -     " What a huge comfort! The reading you gave me was really genuine and what you have said is really heartfelt. You have helped me a great deal."

Vicky from Essex -     "Your Aura reading was very accurate and very helpful to me and my future."

Heidi from Holland -   "You are very right. You are very accurate. You have been spot on all the way along. Thank you."

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