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With the divine help of my Spiritual Guides - Marie, a Flemish nun and Tonto, a Native American Indian medicine man and all of the other Guides and Helpers in spirit, I am here to help you. Healing is for the mind as well as the body. If we need guidance, or are in emotional pain, then Spiritual Guidance through Clairvoyance can help bring relief and clarity to our lives. This in turn helps to keep us healthy as we rid ourselves of negativity and go forward with renewed strength and faith. My Guides and I aim to bring you clarity and healing of emotional pain through the guidance given to me especially for you.

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Also known as 'second sight' , Clairvoyance is the ability to obtain information from spirit or the Universal Energy. This information can be received in the form of words, symbols, images or 'flashes' of situations in the past, present or future.  Clairvoyance is a gift which should be used  to help others. When I give Clairvoyance, discipline in how I give the message is vital, with the utmost consideration and understanding given to your problems, needs and feelings.


To be able to read the Aura, is a gift not many people have. To see the Aura itself is even more rare. The Aura is very special and everyone's Aura is different and particular to them. Your Aura reveals the person that you are. It reveals your innermost thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears and aspirations. The true beauty of your inner self is revealed.  The reading of your Aura is therefore a deep and beautiful experience. In addition to your own Aura, I am able to read the Aura of a person close to you, thereby helping you to understand the true nature of a relationship important to you.

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What they say about the Aura Readings they have received :

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Kathy from Crewe -   " Very accurate indeed. What you told me was spot on. The way you are able to see and understand the colours of my Aura to explain my situation was fascinating and enlightening. I found the reading a very helpful and rewarding experience."

Liz from London -     " What a huge comfort! The reading you gave me was really genuine and what you have said is really heartfelt. You have helped me a great deal."

Vicky from Essex -     "Your Aura reading was very accurate and very helpful to me and my future."

Heidi from Holland -   "You are very right. You are very accurate. You have been spot on all the way along. Thank you."

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