Marie Rose-Clairvoyant,Aura Colour Seer & Reader,Psychic,

Spiritualist,Healer,Medium,Author,Relationships Specialist

We are Radiant beings of Light & Colour We are Energy here and now!

Marie Rose-Clairvoyant,Aura Color Seer and Reader,Psychic,

Spiritualist,Healer,Medium,Author,Relationships Specialist  

      To be able to read the Aura, is a gift not many people have. To see the Aura itself is even more rare. The Aura is very special and everyone's Aura is different and particular to them. Your Aura reveals the person that you are. It reveals your innermost thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears and aspirations. The true beauty of your inner self is revealed.  The reading of your Aura is therefore a deep and beautiful experience. In addition to your own Aura, I am able to read the Aura of a person close to you, thereby helping you to understand the true nature of a relationship important to you.

The Aura Explained - See the Colour Energies:

Your Spirit and You

I now know that we are wonderful

Marvellous creations of the Universe and God

Walking colourful reflections of energy and light

Our Aura surrounds us full of vibrancy and colour

We do not see unless very gifted

This is a miracle

You are a miracle

We are miracles

We are incredible!

Realise your every thought and emotion

Creates movement and colour within your Aura

Realise your every thought creates negative or positive energies

Realise your positive thoughts of Love

Radiate Beauty and Wellness

 Everyone has an energy around them and running through them. It is the same for animals and any atomic structure. Everything is energy. It is just a case of how dense that energy is. Spirit has a faster energy than we do. Our own physical bodies have a slower energy - the more solid, the slower the energy. The Aura is full of vibrancy and colour. Every colour had an energy level of its own.These colours are a part of us. It means that we are spiritual energy inside a physical body. Therefore our inner essence is Spirit. This is a beautiful confirmation of the existence of Spirit.

 The Aura extends the width of you with your arms outstretched on either side and stretches above and below you. It is like a "bubble" all around you. The Aura is a great energy field that soaks up the other energies around you so that you sense what is friendly of foe. The Aura is a sensory system that cleanses itself of energies it does not need all the time. Even so, you are able to help cleanse your Aura of negativity with the power of your mind.

  The Aura is a record keeper of all your thoughts. Some thoughts are positive and happy, borne from happy experiences. These thoughts reflect as bright colourful light in your Aura. Some thoughts are negative, arising from unhappy or angry times in your life. These register as dark unpleasant looking patches of negativity in your Aura. Too much negativity helps to develop ill health, while positive thoughts encourage a strong healthy you. This is simple to accept and understand.

 The Aura is an electromagnetic field and everyone's Aura is different, just like our fingerprints. Everyone has his or her own frequency and energy level. Energy can never die, only change, and that is why when we die, we survive as Spirit. Because we are energy. The more this concept is realised the more we grow and understand the oneness of this planet and indeed the Universe. We are all linked to each other and our surroundings. When you touch anything, you leave a little of your energy on it. 'Psychometry' uses this principle to sense information about people who have held or been in contact with belongings or other objects.

The Aura colours are many, each colour has many shades that our eyes and minds probably cannot pick up. Remember we are physical beings and we are expecting to see all that is of the ethereal energy world. Therefore do not expect to much of yourself but keep an open mind to allow in as much as your Spirit Guides can show you at your level of awareness. Here are some basic colours to be going on with:

RED...........................Anger, Sress, Strength.

ORANGE..................Energy, Excitement, forceful,

YELLOW..................Happy, Health, New Start.

GREEN.....................Emotion, Soothing, Contentment.

BLUE........................Coolness, Indecision, Healing.

PURPLE....................Spiritual, Musical, Calm.

BROWN...................Negative, Depression.

BLACK.....................Loss, Hopelessness.

WHITE.....................Purity, Spiritual, Protection.

An Exercise to see the Aura

First, arrange for a friend to join you and sit opposite each other. Or sit by yourself in front of a big mirror.

Sit quietly, settle into your chair and relax.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply 3 times. Allow each outward breath to leave your body slowly.

Take yourself on a little meditation.

Imagine you are walking along a path towards a gate.

Go through the gate and lock it securely.

Walk along another path up towards a garden area ahead.

There, in front of you is a bench surrounded by flower beds. Each is planted with different coloured flowers.

You sit down on the bench and breathe in their fragrance.

As you do so, you drink in the wonderful colours of red roses, orange marigolds, yellow tulips, green luscious foliage and the blue sky above with white, fluffy clouds. Then you notice the purple pansies with their black centres that you almost missed.

Oh, how lovely, you think. But now it's time to start back, so up you get and on your way.

Back down the path to the gate.

Open the gate, walk through and close it behind you.

Now walk slowly down the first path you came along until you find yourself back in your seat.

Take your time, feel your whole body is back from its journey.

Shuffle your feet and stretch your arms and fingers.

Only now can you open your eyes.

Look now at yourself in the mirror or at your friend sitting opposite you.

What can you see?

Are there any signs of colour or mist?

Check your impressions with the list of colours above and see what they mean.

Do this regularly alone or with a friend. Take it in turns and have fun.

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