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Marie Rose-Clairvoyant,Aura Colour Seer & Reader,Psychic,Spiritualist,Healer,Medium,Author,Relationships Specialist

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Spirit Guides & Angels

Marie Rose-Clairvoyant,Aura Color Seer and Reader,Psychic, Spiritualist,Healer,Medium,Author,Relationships Specialist

Contact Your Spirit Guides

Recognise Their Signs and Gifts for You

Metaphysical Teacher & Author of 'Gifts from Spirit' describes in her book how, like a  'Da Vinci Code',  her SPIRIT GUIDES gave Marie a SPIRIT CODE of IMAGES, which photographed and dated , she beautifully explains the significance these had for her life and yours

From One who Cares

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Clairvoyant Aura Readings

      To be able to read the Aura, is a gift not many people have. To see the Aura itself is even more rare. The Aura is very special and everyone's Aura is different and particular to them. Your Aura reveals the person that you are. It reveals your innermost thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears and aspirations. The true beauty of your inner self is revealed.  The reading of your Aura is therefore a deep and beautiful experience. In addition to your own Aura, I am able to read the Aura of a person close to you, thereby helping you to understand the true nature of a relationship important to you.

Share the understanding with me of the wonderful experiences and guidance from Spirit in my new book

'Gifts from Spirit'- My Spirit Guides

 * My World - My Angels *

As featured & reviewed in Pyschic News and broadcast by BBC Radio Shropshire

A 'Golden White Light' entered my Heart Chakra. This was a direct 'Spontaneous Awakening'. It was followed by many Psychokinetic Images, one being of her North American Indian Healing Spirit Guide. All images were dated and recorded, along with the special meanings for Marie in her life.

A trail of Spiritual Images and Signs continued that are `PROOF` of her Spirit Guides' existence. Their loving guidance resulted in her gifts of mediumship, healing people and animals, seeing the Aura and Psychokinesis, revealing the truth and wisdom of our Spirit Guides and Angels and the 'Oneness' of all.

With its true life spiritual experiences and its powerful spirit images, particularly the miracle image of Jesus 'The Good Shepherd', 'Gifts from Spirit' is a wonderful, empowering and unique 'Teaching' book, one of a kind and gives 'PROOF' of how our Spirit Guides, our Angels, reach out to lead and protect us with love and wisdom to a better life and a happier 'You'.

HEAR Marie Rose tell you about:

We are Radiant beings of Light & Colour
We are Energy here and now!

£5.75 UK,  $7.75 USA

8.5"x 8.5" High Gloss Illustrated Paperback

37 full colour Images, including 11 'Psychokinetic' Spirit Images

ISBN 0-9550259-0-7

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'Gifts from Spirit'

SIGNS are a Gift from your Spirit Guides
Gifts are something we all enjoy receiving

   Spirit are giving you Signs and 'Gifts' all the time. In my book,  'Gifts from Spirit' I show you how to recognise them for yourself and your life and how Healing andI Guidance can be given to you.

Spirituality can be yours. My book will help enlighten you and lead you to this 'New Life'.

I reveal my ANGEL CODE of beautiful images,  given by my SPIRIT GUIDES, with their profound meaning for us all and how Spirit love and guide us in our lives.

My book, 'Gifts from Spirit' will show and inspire you how to:

*Sense and recognise your Spirit Guides and Angels

*Contact your Spirit Guides & Angels

*Work with your Spirit Guides and Angels

*Love, appreciate and forgive yourself and others

*Accept our Spirit Guides and Angels and their love

*Lose your Fears

*Trust God, your Spirit Guides and Angels

*Accept the help of your Spirit Guides & Angels to lead a prosperous and emotionally fulfilled life.

*Find inner strength for your life

*Heal your Life

*Discover your Life's purpose

*Meditate and to Heal

*Understand we are all One, and connected

*Listen to your Spirit Guides & Angels

*Feel the Aura

*See the Aura

*Experience the Knowing

*Feel the energies of Life

*Understand Clairvoyance is seeing the future

*Understand what it is like to be a Medium for Spirit

*Heal others in mind and body

*Move energy to heal

*Interperet the psychokinetic energy images from Spirit Guides and Angels

*Open your heart to receive love and give

*Receive messages in all forms

*Read the Aura of others

*Accept that miracles happen

*Receive telepathic messages from Animals

*Read the Aura of Animals

*Heal Animals

*Become aware that 'coincidences' are often messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels

'Gifts from Spirit'

- A unique insight into the Beauty & Wisdom of Spirit

Copyright Marie Rose-Clairvoyant  2006

PO Box 10, Ludlow SY8 2WG, United Kingdom


  Miracle Image of Jesus
Her 'Spontaneous Awakening'
'GIFTS from SPIRIT' Introduction

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